Work Standard

Our Work Standard

We at Home Paints Solution work on to make sure that the whole work is done in an excellent way in accord with high standard practices. Our tem of painters would remain on the job until the work is completed. The entire agreement is contingent upon accidents, strikes or delays hat re not within our corol. Other than that, we ensure that the workers finish off the work well within the time mentioned in the contract.

Our terms and conditions are incorporated into each and every customer’s contract. Our process of working follows the set standards of painting. We ensure that the surface of the wall is painted properly and is completely sheen and uniform in color. It is completely free of spatters, foreign materials, lumps, over-sprays or spills. This is taken care by our team of proficient painters who work really hard so as to ensure that they can meet the expectations of the clients.

This compliance to meeting of the criteria of an appropriately painted surface would be determined when it is viewed without any magnification. It is seen at a distance of one meter or sometimes more under the normal lighting conditions and from a normal position of viewing.

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